We require payment for the Supply and first two weeks rental 24hrs after completion of Set Up.


All following payments are due within 7 days of invoice date. Payments are to be made directly into our account or by Credit Card or cheque (unless you are a business and you have completed a 30 day Credit Application Form).



Cougar Scaffolding will make every effort to carry the quoted work out on the date requested, but due to the nature of the job and often, circumstances beyond our control, we cannot guarantee the exact start date. Please note that the greater the lead-time given, the more likely it is that the work will proceed as requested.

1. Availability: Cougar Scaffolding retain the right to decline any order at no cost to Cougar Scaffolding.
2. Once the scaffold is on site and any of it goes missing or is damaged the client will be held responsible for costs of replacement.
3. A minimum charge of $150.00 plus GST applies to any badly soiled equipment.
4. If the scaffolding is used prior to total completion full rental will commence from that date.
5. All permits, paper work and requirements to be organised by the client as noted on quote are to be in place prior to commencement of this job.
6. Any council permits and traffic management required is to be organised by the client. If you require Cougar Scaffolding to arrange this then there will be additional charges to this quote.
7. If Power Lines need to be insulated/sleeved/permits to be made safe, this is an extra cost and is NOT included in this quote. If you require Cougar Scaffolding to arrange this then there will be an additional charge to this quote.
8. Any induction / courses / safety courses will be an extra cost and charged at an hourly rate.
9. Roof Tiles: We will take all care but no responsibility if any incidental damage occurs IE cracks or leaks etc
10. Gardens: We will take all care but no responsibility if any damage occurs.
11. If scaffolding is required to be temporarily connected to the building, remedial work when ties/fixings are removed will be the clients responsibility.
12. TV / radio / computer / communication equipment: We will take no responsibility if reception is lost while scaffold is in place.
13. An Engineers certificate can be obtained if necessary at the client's cost. We allow our clients to choose their own company and we will build to their requirements. Alternatively our clients can use our preferred supplier at our clients cost.

14. Cougar Scaffolding can carry out Weekly Safety inspections and are charged at $60+GST per visit. If the scaffold is found unsafe the safe scaffold tag will be removed and the scaffold cannot be used til the scaffold has been made safe again. There may be an additional cost incurred for extra work required to make safe again.

15.  Any claims of damage must be notified within 24 hours of set up or dismantle or we will not be held responsible.  Any claims made within 24 hours will be investigated in due course to identify liability.



16. Dismantle requests must be made with the office: (04) 920 4111 or by email. An off-hire number will be allocated. Failure to do so will result in continuing hire charges.
17. Upon completion we require one working days’ notice of its availability to be 'booked in' to be dismantled.
18. If the scaffolding is “Off Hired” but still being used when our company comes on site to dismantle costs incurred will be charged on “Day Works” per hour and rent will go on from the “Off Hired” date.
19. The client will still be responsible for the equipment until it is picked up by Cougar Scaffolding.
20. Cougar Scaffolding holds the right to dismantle the scaffolding at any time.



21. On completion of the scaffolding and the person working on the scaffolding is satisfied with it an ACULOG will be fitted.
22. If you, the client, want any alterations and/or additional scaffolding to what was quoted, you MUST contact the Cougar Scaffolding office. The work will not be carried out until Cougar Scaffolding is in receipt of written authorisation for the variation and the extras will be invoiced accordingly on "Dayworks". (The team building the job has no authorisation to do extras until you have contacted the office).
23. The scaffolding is not to be tampered with or altered other than by our company. On follow up safety checks should any work be carried out to ‘make good’ the scaffolding due to unauthorised alterations the client will be invoiced for this work.
24. If an "Act of God" such as storms, earthquakes etc interfere with the scaffold and as a result the scaffold is unsafe, you will be charged on 'dayworks' to rectify and make safe.



25. I understand that the rental payment is to be paid weekly via Credit Card or directly into our account.
26. In consideration of Cougar Scaffolding entering into this contract, the client signing this agreement will be personally guaranteeing all debt incurred and any costs incurred by Cougar Scaffolding in recovering any outstanding debt.
27. I understand that a 10% (per month) late payment fee will be charged on all overdue accounts and interest of 15% (per annum) is payable on all overdue accounts backdated to the earliest original date of the invoice that is outstanding.

28. We DO NOT offer a 90 day credit, all debts must be paid within 30 days of invoice.