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Which side(s) of the building (Standing in front on the footpath/by the main access) requires scaffold?

Approx full height of building/structure:

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Would we need to build over a roof to access other walls / windows?

Is the truck able to park on-site?

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If a hilly site, are there more than 25 steps to the job site?

Is the ground mostly flat where the scaffolding is to be set up?

Would you need to get consent with Neighbouring property/s for access to the job site?

Is there 1.5m from the structure to be scaffolded to the neighbours property?

Are there big trees or large foliage within 1.2m where scaffolding will be set up?

Please add a minimum of 4 photos of where you require the scaffold to be erected. Please include a panaromic view of the site, including the ground and surrounding area & a photo of each area where scaffold is needed.

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